Boo-k Your Tickets Now: 5 Last Minute Halloween Events

This year Halloween is on a Saturday! That means you can celebrate this holiday of bloody masks and sexy cats all weekend long! If you are not one of those people who spends all of October finalizing Halloween plans and researching the correct, period appropriate undergarments for your Marie Antoinette zombie costume, don’t worry, RushTix has done all of the work in securing the coolest, spookiest, Halloweeny-est last minute events. Don’t be Boo-ring, the dead only get to play with the living for these few days (until the zombie apocalypse obviously). For your viewing pleasure, here are 5 Last Minute Halloween Events.

1. “So Fresh Halloween” Old School Hip Hop Party

You won’t find a party dope as So Fresh Halloween at Slate. Enjoy old school 80s, 90s, R&B and Hip Hop classics while running man-ing, cabbage patching, and bump and grinding the Halloween Eve away. And it goes a little something like this, hit it! (That’s when you click the link and book the event).

2. The 2015 Halloween Comedy Festival

For a hil-scarious night, attend this Halloween Comedy Festival. It’s comics in costumes! You’ll laugh until you scream!

3. Fear Overload Scream Park

Sure Halloween is about fun and drinking and dressing way sluttier than you usually would, but more than anything, it’s about being scared. Feeling that rush of endorphins you get after a pre-teen zombie jumps out of the bushes, the thrill you get when you reach into a bowl of spaghetti intestines and grape eye balls. Get your fear tank overloaded at Fear Overload Scream Park, it is sure to be the most scared to death you’ve ever been in your life.

4. The Vampire Tour of San Francisco

Skip the garlic pasta dinner and leave your silver bullet collection at home if you want to get up close and personal with the local blood suckers. Lead by vampiress Kitty Burns, you’ll travel all around Nob Hill learning all about the creatures that go suck in the night.

5. Star Wars Halloween Party

Jabba the Hut would be the most comfortable Halloween costume. It would be warm, and cozy, and have a bunch of layers where you could hide your candy and your booze. Plus everyone would be coming up to you and asking you to sit on your lap so you can grant them wishes, oh wait, that’s Santa Claus or like, a Genie, but still, people will probably want to sit one your lap. Dress up as Jabba to this Star Wars costume party is what we’re saying.