Cirque du Soleil AMALUNA

Through Sun 12/15

Mind-Blowing, Magnificent & Magical

Drift away to a mysterious island ruled by goddesses and guided by the cycles of the moon. Plunge into a thrilling adventure filled with acrobatic feats and energetic sound.

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After directing her daughter’s coming-of-age ceremony, honoring femininity, renewal, rebirth, and balance, Queen Prospera causes a storm. A group of young men wash up on the isle, triggering an epic love story between Prospera’s daughter and a brave young suitor. Theirs is a love that will be tested. With a majority-female cast, including a 100-percent-female band, Cirque du Soleil conjures AMALUNA Under the Big Top at Oracle Park.

Highlights of the show include:

Aerial Straps
Performers fly out over the audience on straps suspended from the Carousel, a rotating apparatus high above them. This spectacular demonstration of four-dimensional flight calls for precision timing, in addition to the skills and physical strength it takes to move at high velocity through 360 degrees.

Young men launch themselves high into the air, twisting and turning in a playful high-speed demonstration of skill. They pull off several seemingly impossible feats.

Uneven Bars
The captured young men help the Amazons to present a fast-paced theatrical version of the classic gymnastic routine.

Cerceau & Waterbowl
Miranda plays in the water bowl, discovering her own physicality and expressing her sinuous sexuality as she performs a challenging hand-balancing routine.

AMALUNA is a two hour and ten-minute performance, including a 25-minute intermission.

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Audience: 18+
Full Price (incl. fees): Starts at $54
Under the Big Top
74 Mission Rock Street
San Francisco
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Under the Big Top
74 Mission Rock Street, San Francisco

4 Reviews

  1. Avatar
    Jason D.

    Amazing what the human body is capable of

    This was my first time to the “tent venue” and seeing a Cirque du Soleil.

    The venue is small, so there’s no such thing as a bad seat.

    I was pleasantly surprised that all of the music was live. The perfomers were of course incredible. Absolutely crazy what the human body is capable of.

  2. Avatar
    Shawna A.


    I’ve been to quite a few shows in Vegas, and with this being a traveling show I wasn’t sure if it would live up to the hype without the big sets and theater. Honestly, I was riveted for the full 2 hours. Love that the majority of the cast is female. Definitely would recommend. The seating is circular around the stage, so you don’t really ever have a bad view!

  3. Avatar
    Yue W.

    Always an amazing time

    About my 4th Cirque Du Soleils show and they always amazes me with excellent acts and entertainment. The performers are top notch and I would highly recommend it, especially for family!

  4. Avatar
    Jim D.

    Great show!

    Once again Cirque Soliel presents a show that is exciting, funny, and not to be missed. I thought the first act of the Asain girls on unicycles was the amazing and best, but you be the judge. Thanks #Rushtix for providing an outstanding experience. Jim

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