Daybreaker Soaring ’20s Morning Dance Party

Sat 1/25/20 @ 10:00 AM

New Year’s Yoga and Dance Party

Welcome to the Future. 2020, a new year, a new decade, and a bright new era. Saturday, January 25th, bid adieu to the Roaring ’20s and dive into the Soaring ’20s. Together at the new ballroom of Make School, rise and shine for a morning en blanc to celebrate all the resolutions and fresh starts that bud with the magical New Year. Soaking in all the electricity in the room, refresh with a collective yoga flow before blasting off into the stratosphere with a dance party to rock Spaceship Earth. Come as a clean slate (wear all white everything), bring your most spectacular glasses, and get ready to pop the kombucha.

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Audience: 21+
Full Price (incl. fees): $20.00
Make School
555 Post Street
San Francisco
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Make School
555 Post Street, San Francisco

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