A.C.T.’s Edward Albee’s Seascape

Through Sat 2/9/19

Imaginative and Satirical Comedy

In this wildly imaginative and satirical comedy, a newly retired couple picnics on a beach and squabbles about their life together when they are interrupted by two human-sized, English-speaking lizards. Are the newcomers an evolutionary miracle, or a threat? And which couple is the greater risk to the other?

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Audience: 18+
Full Price (incl. fees): $15 - $70
A.C.T. (Geary)
415 Geary Street
San Francisco
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A.C.T. (Geary)
415 Geary Street, San Francisco

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    Jon Z.

    Thought provoking

    Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf never made much sense to me, but I always enjoyed watching Dick and Liz in the movie version. Which made me think I liked Albee. But really, I think I respect Albee. And I’m not sure that’s a reason to revisit his plays.

    That said, this is an impressive production that deserves more than just respect. The set got applause when the curtain went up. The costumes are captivating. The sound is a character in itself. The performances are fine-tuned. And the script leaves you with plenty to think about.

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