Elliott Morgan

A virtual comedy stand-up show headlined by Elliott Morgan and hosted by Celeste Jennings.



  • Live stand-up virtual show
  • Live virtual studio audience selected from ticket buyers
  • Live Q&A From the Audience Chat
  • Approximately 60-Minute Show

About Elliott Morgan
Elliott Morgan is a stand-up comedian, writer, host, and founding member of The Valleyfolk. Elliott is also a founding member of SourceFed, a Google-funded comedy YouTube channel (Rest in peace) that was ultimately acquired by Discovery. As the host of The Fundamentalists, a weekly podcast with philosopher Dr. Peter Rollins, Elliott explores life’s innate paradoxes through a lens of psychoanalysis, philosophy, and good old-fashioned storytelling.

Celeste Joseph Jennings
Celeste Joseph Jennings (Vox Celeste Podcast) is not like the other soccer moms- she’d rather smoke green tea than drink it. Her fish-out-of-water experiences in suburbia is the inspiration of her unapologetic, biting, observational comedy.

Photo Credit: Celeste Jennings

Live Virtual Studio Audience
This show will have a live virtual studio audience so you will hear real laughter and reactions from a group of people selected from ticket buyers. Live laughter is what comedy is all about. It’s a special part of the RushTix experience.

All ticket holders can watch the show for 48 hours after the livestream broadcast.

Rating: PG-13

Photo Credit: elliottmorgan.com

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