Gregangelo Artalks

An Interactive Variety Show with Velocity Circus

Gregangelo Museum will be putting together an interactive streaming variety show broadcasting from different locations within the museum’s installations. They’ll be interviewing artists from their crew who will talk about their individual journeys, and how they are thriving in a world that says artists can’t make a living doing what they love. They’ll discuss their unique artistic expressions, how they fuel imagination and keep their craft fresh, alive and expansive.

During these interviews, they will open the mic to their viewers. They want to hear what you are doing, what ignites your creativity, and how you realize your passion. As they share in this process together, they will spark new ideas, new projects, awaken new dreams, and hopefully together find a way that we can all live what we love to do.

As a bonus, those who interact will be eligible to win an admission ticket to the Gregangelo Museum.

Tips graciously accepted.

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