Hubba Hubba Revue Presents Monday Night Hubba

Mon 1/27

Showcase of Burlesque Talent

Monday Night Hubba is the perfect way to start your week sexy: with cocktails, tease, comedy and a more intimate experience than Hubba’s big monthly extravaganzas! Each Monday night is a fun-filled, shimmering showcase of local, national and international burlesque and variety talent — and a chance to see the most dazzling debuts before they hit it big!

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Audience: 18+
Full Price (incl. fees): $9.00
DNA Lounge
375 Eleventh Street
San Francisco
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DNA Lounge
375 Eleventh Street, San Francisco

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    Yuran L.

    Burlesque of the highest caliber

    More chill than the monthly Hubba Hubba Revue main show, Monday Night Hubba lets you see super high quality performers in a shorter show, so it’s less of a time commitment. Show up early, and you can probably pay a few bucks to upgrade to reserved seating, which is totally worth it.

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Photo Credit: Patrick McCarthy


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Hubba Hubba Revue Presents Monday Night Hubba

Mon 1/27 @ 9:00 PM
45 tokens each
RSVP Deadline: Sat. 1/25 at Noon

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Photo Credit: Patrick McCarthy