Lola Marsh with The Morning Yells

Mon 2/10 @ 8:00 PM

Music That Combines Clever Lyrics With Deep Warm Harmonies

Yael Shoshana Cohen didn’t even know her future bandmate, Gil Landau when she turned up at his birthday in Tel Aviv. But their connection was magnetic. From the corner of the room, Yael watched as Gil picked up a stray guitar and began playing. She joined him, nervously layered her softly spoken vocals over Gil’s plucked melodies of “Jolene,” and like that, Lola Marsh began. Lola Marsh, aka vocalist Yael Shoshana Cohen and multi-instrumentalist Gil Landau, creates music that combines clever lyrics with deep warm harmonies.

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Audience: All Ages
Full Price (incl. fees): $12.00
Rickshaw Stop
155 Fell Street
San Francisco
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Rickshaw Stop
155 Fell Street, San Francisco

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