MBFF: Namdev Bhau “In Search of Silence”

Sun 2/16 @ 12:00 PM

Exquisite Scenery and Hilariously Mismatched Travel Partners

Namdev Bhau, a 65-year-old chauffeur, can no longer take the relentless noise of Mumbai. Since he cannot find peace at home either he packs a bag and sets off to a fabled retreat deep in the Himalayas, hoping to find peace at last. On the way, an exasperating, chatty 12-year-old boy decides to tag along. This gently paced story, directed by Dar Gai, marries exquisite scenery and hilariously mismatched travel partners into a gently paced road film that surprises with its big laughs and sudden depths–a radiant film that finds peace inside the vibration of life and beauty inside the heartbeat of existence. India/Ukraine 2018 (84 minutes)

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Audience: 18+
Full Price (incl. fees): $15.00
Vogue Theatre
3290 Sacramento Street
San Francisco
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Vogue Theatre
3290 Sacramento Street, San Francisco

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