Meditation for Active Parents

Sun 1/13/19 @ 12:00 PM

Be Your Own Jedi

The best meditation technique is the one that works for you. The one that you can fit into your life. The Vedic approach to mediation doesn’t require chanting and you don’t have to focus on your breathing or sit still in uncomfortable positions for long periods of time. And it doesn’t have to be quiet or dark.

This 90-minute workshop will combine lecture, practice sessions and Q/A. You will learn:

  • The neuroscience behind why this approach to meditation is such a powerful stress-relieving tool.
  • How to use the breath to ease your way into meditation.
  • A simple, easy mindfulness technique that will allow you to reground yourself in the present moment, especially when life gets a bit hectic.
  • Practical tips to help make meditation part of your already jam-packed day.

Audience: All Ages
Full Price (incl. fees):
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717 Battery Street
San Francisco
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Secret Location
717 Battery Street, San Francisco

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