Noise Pop: Cup Feat. Nels Cline + Yuka C. Honda

Sun 2/9 @ 7:00 PM

Two Distinct Artists Brought Together by Both Music and Marriage

CUP is the duo of two distinct artists brought together by both music and marriage: multi-instrumentalist Yuka C Honda and Nels Cline. Honda brings her personal approach to electronic sound accrued from many years of work in Downtown New York and beyond, while Cline brings his singular effects-laden, looped electric guitar stylings to the sonic banquet that is CUP. While in some ways experimental and genre-bending, CUP’s music balances the exploratory with the accessible. Never compromised is their signature purity of sound, an unmistakable experience only associated with artists of this caliber. Previously performed at Big Ears Festival and Eaux Claires Festival.

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Audience: All Ages
Full Price (incl. fees): $20.00
Swedish American Hall
2174 Market Street
San Francisco
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Swedish American Hall
2174 Market Street, San Francisco

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