Sunday Slam

Sun 2/9 @ 8:00 PM

A Night of Long-Form Improv

Sunday Slam is a night of long-form improv performed by troupes that have graduated from the All Out Comedy Theater. Check a night improv from the next generation of improv performers.

Butter Boots: Tom Neff, Nora Cullinen, Tim Notari, Amand Baldiga, Peter DePaulo, Kyle Meier, Ikagar Singh

Beans Out Of A Can: Jessica Neighbor, James Maa, Lauren Swanson, Clay Reber, Mike Rutter, Adrien Wayne Colón, Barbara VanGilder,
Michael Kwan, Brett Jaeger, Lizzy Asarnow, Elizabeth Bergstrom

Please be aware there is a duplicate address in Berkeley. Please check your maps for the Oakland address.

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Audience: 18+
Full Price (incl. fees): $5.00
All Out Comedy Theater
2525 Telegraph Avenue Suite B
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All Out Comedy Theater
2525 Telegraph Avenue Suite B, Oakland

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