Filling Your Belly & Soul: 5 Facts About Biscuits and Blues

If you love blues music and live in or near San Francisco, odds are you know, and love, Biscuits and Blues. If you love blues music and live in or near San Francisco and have never heard of Biscuits and Blues, then you’re lying. Now we here at RushTix are not one to call people liars for nothing, but you are missing out on some “cool tunes and hot biscuits” if you’re not down with the jive that is B&B. So for all of you Biscuits and Blues lovers and soon-to-be Biscuits and Blues lovers, here are 5 Facts About Biscuits and Blues.

1. 20 Years of Music & Delicious Flakey Breads

Biscuits and Blues first opened it’s steely doors way back in 1995 so technically, it’s not even old enough to drink off of their extensive cocktail or wine list. It’s Shirley Temples for you B&B! In these last 20 years, Biscuits and Blues has been host to some of the greatest well known, and not as well known, blues acts around. From Rick Estrin & the Nightcats, to B.B King and Stevie Ray Vaughan tributes, Biscuits and Blues has earned it’s reputation as one of the hottest blues clubs in California.

2. Drink all the Districts

Each specialty cocktail at Biscuits and Blues is named after a different district in San Francisco. If you’re feeling a little hipster-y you can imbibe the La Mission, a refreshing tequila-grapefruit concoction, or embrace some tourist living with the Embarcadero, a vodka-schnapps cocktail. Or you can just get beer. They have good beer too.

3. South Food on the West Side

Biscuits and Blues is not just about amazing, soulful tunes, they also are kings of southern cuisine in San Francisco. From Catfish Nuggets and Corn & Shrimp Fritters to New Orleans Gumbo and Creole Jambalaya, your tastebuds are sure to thank you after an evening at B&B, even if your arteries won’t.

4.  The Blues Best to the Blues Test

Biscuits and Blues has live music every single weekend and several week day nights, so you will never have to go more than a few days to get you fill of that soulful, red-hot, blues sound. The performers run the blues gamut from big-name acts, to small town tuners, to tribute bands that’ll make you feel like the music of the greats is still alive and well.

5. Oh God the Biscuits

We didn’t ask anyone at Biscuits and Blues to share their recipe for their delicious, flakey, golden biscuits and honey butter (oh god honey butter) because then you’d make them, eat them every day, and that’s just too many biscuits.. But when you do go to B&B, be sure to order them, and also bring some to the RushTix office too, cool, thanks.