Nuts for Nutcracker

It’s the holiday season. A time when we deck the halls, don our ugly Christmas sweaters at mandatory office parties, and delight in holiday entertainment. A staple in the rotation of Christmas classics is the Nutcracker. The tale of a young girl who gets a toy Nutcracker that transports her into a world of Sugar Plum Fairies, mouse royalty, and the adventure of a lifetime. This year we’ve done the research for you and found where you should go to get your dose of nut-cracking nostalgia. And it turns out there are a lot of them. Like, more than you’d think. From the classic San Francisco ballet performance, to dance alongs and hip hop twists, here is every Nutcracker performance you can attend in the Bay Area.


San Francisco Ballet Nutcracker
Your classic Nutcracker 

Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker
The Nutcracker from Russia with a big ole Christmas tree

Bay Point Ballet’s Nutcracker
The orchestra and ballet are both on “Pointe”

Mark Foehringer’s Nutcracker Sweets
A 50-minute version for the kiddies and adults with short attention spans

The Hip Hop Nutcracker
A more crackin’ Nutcracker 

The San Jose Nutcracker
A ballet with a history lesson danced in

Peninsula Ballet Theatre’s Nutcracker
Dance legend Carlos Carvajal’s take on the classic

Berkeley Ballet Theater’s Nutcracker
Youths take the stage

Oakland Ballet Company’s Nutcracker
A Paramount performance

Los Gatos Ballet’s Nutcracker
A tale of Gatos and mouse

San Francisco Youth Ballet’s Nutcracker
Ballet children are our ballet future

The Fantastic Adventures of Captain Nutcracker
A pleasingly wacky and interactive retelling of the classic

Symphony Silicon Valley’s Nutcracker
The tale in the tech capital

Marin Ballet’s Nutcracker
Nutcracker cross the bridge

Stapleton Ballet’s Nutcracker
There’s a real shooting canon in this one!

Nutz Re-Mixed: The Nutcracker for the 21st Century
Mixed up Nutz


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