RushTix is the best way to discover unique experiences without breaking the bank. Each month we fill your account with points, so you can book awesome events.

  • Great value: new experiences at a fraction of the cost.
  • Huge variety: select from hundreds of events.
  • Rollover points: use them right away or save them up.

Members choose from hundreds of events each month like plays, concerts, and comedy. Pick your favorites and we’ll put you on the guest list. And there’s always something fresh with new events released every day at 11am.

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RushTix is a membership for a more interesting life! We do all the research to help you discover new experiences. Do you want to see the symphony? Done! Folk-blues band? Done! Stand-up, theater? Done and done! Pay one low monthly fee and we curate and recommend things for you to do and the tickets are included. We’re all about getting you out of the house and into life. New events are released every day at 11am.

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Value & Customer Service

RushTix events are broad and fill many of my interests. The people that work at RushTix always do their part to make sure I'm having a great time, going above and beyond to earn my subscription fee.

Jason Wong
Jason Wong

What is RushTix?

RushTix helps you discover new events with our continually-updated handpicked list of the city’s most interesting live events, arts and culture. Leave all the nitty gritty research to us. We’ve got you covered.

RushTix was created by Jill Bourque and Johnny Funcheap. Jill is a stand-up comedian and producer of hundreds of local theater and comedy shows. Johnny is the mastermind behind Funcheap, the most awesome source of fun things to do in the San Francisco Bay Area. They joined forces to help you discover great theater, comedy, music and more throughout the city and beyond. Our mission is to delight and inspire you to go out and experience more live performance.

RushTix is currently available in the San Francisco Bay Area. We’ll be expanding to more cities soon!

New Things to Do

RushTix introduces me to new fun things to do in San Francisco all the time!

Jessica Falkenthal
Jessica Falkenthal
Great Choices & Cool Venues

Great choices, cool venues and your staff is very helpful.

Antonio Morales
Antonio Morales