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How Many Events Can I Attend?

Tons! You save because we negotiate special deals for our members. Here’s an example of what a month of fun experiences might look like.

Saturday gets instantly awesome when you take your date to sip yummy rum drinks at a rum festival (75 tokens x 2 tix = 150 tokens). 🍹

Thursday is no joke when you treat your co-worker to a hilarious comedy show at the Punch Line (23 tokens x 2 tix = 46 tokens). 😂

Friday gets epic when you meetup with the RushTix community to check out an awesome band at The Chapel (30 tokens x 2 tix = 60 tokens). 🎸

You get some family time on Sunday when you treat your mom to see a matineee of an amazing dance performance (75 tokens x 2 tix = 150 tokens).💃

And the next week you step out on the town with your BFF to see a highly-rated new play that is both hilarious and thought-provoking (20 tokens x 2 tix = 40 tokens). 🎭

Oh, and did we mention that you can also EARN tokens. For instance, each review your write earns you 5 tokens. So, that’s 25 tokens added for the month! 🎉


How It Works

RushTix is the best way to discover unique events without breaking the bank. Members save up to 90% on ticket prices. Each month we fill your account with tokens, so you can book awesome events.

We curate awesome experiences. You pick, click & go.

What is RushTix?

RushTix is a community dedicated to leading a more interesting life! Do you want to see the symphony? Done! Folk-blues band? Done! Stand-up, theater? Done and done! Pay one low monthly fee and we curate and recommend things for you to do and the tickets are included. We’re all about getting you out of the house and into life. New events are released every day at 11am.

RushTix helps you discover new events with our curated list of the city’s most interesting live events, arts and culture. Each month your account is filled with tokens to book events at a savings of up to 90% on the regular ticket price. Any tokens you don’t use rollover to the next month.

RushTix is currently available in the San Francisco Bay Area. We’ll be expanding to more cities soon!

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