RushTix Launches Today

Hello Internet! Welcome to RushTix, the first flexible subscription service for local arts and culture! Think of us like a Netflix you have to wear pants for (at certain venues this may be negotiable). Starting at just $25 a month, you’ll get tickets to events curated by our in-the-know RushTix team. Events include everything from theater, ballet, art shows, stand-up comedy, parties, and other amazing experiences you didn’t even know were out there.

No more standing in long lines, exhaustive Google searches, or shady backdoor ticket scalpers, thanks to RushTix you’ll have date night/girls night/parents in town night/show a Tinder match you’re fancy night, all planned and ready for you. Even if you can’t use your tickets, you can still experience the value by gifting your pair to a friend! Nothing says “classy” quite like the gift of live theater to your favorite aunt/nephew/co-worker/in-laws you want to get rid of so you don’t have to answer their 100th question about when you’re giving them grandkids and getting a “real job”.

RushTix is already an award winning service, achieving such honors as Best Mobile App DeveloperWeek Hackathon (2014) and the Founder Showcase Crowdpitch Competition (2014).   After a 12-week incubator period where we’ve been a private invite-only service, RushTix is proud to be making our big debut today at this year’s Launch Festival. This is all thanks to our Angel/Investor Jason Calacanis, who selected us as one of 7 companies (out of 150, insert applause here) to support and encourage.

Propelled by our fearless leaders, CEO and founder Jill Bourque, a San Francisco comedian/improvisor/producer/visionary, and Johnny Funcheap (not to be confused with Johnny Cheapfun notorious Bay Area call-boy) founder of, one of San Francisco’s top event sites, RushTix is prime to becoming San Francisco’s leading entertainment discovering service. Start your FREE trial today.


RushTix Gets You on the Guest List Experience All the City Has to Offer

About RushTix

RushTix is the first-of-its-kind experience subscription. We curate the best events at exclusive members-only prices in the San Francisco Bay Area, with plans to expand to other cities soon. Founded in 2015, the company’s mission is to help people discover local arts and culture by building a vibrant community of culture lovers and experience creators.

RushTix was created by Jill Bourque and Johnny Funcheap, who joined forces to make arts and culture more accessible. Jill is a recovering stand-up comedian and producer of hundreds of theater shows, including the global phenomenon, "How We First Met" which played in 23 cities around the world. Johnny is the mastermind behind Funcheap, the most popular source of fun things to do in San Francisco and the Bay Area.

Media Contacts

Please email us at if you'd like to get in touch with our media team. If you're a member and you have questions, please visit our Help Center.

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Jill Bourque, CEO of RushTix | Credit: Lisa Keating
Product Photo | Credit: RushTix

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