Sounds Good to Me: Classic Bluegrass, a Singer-Songwriter, & Dreamy Rock

Your Hookup to Three Hot Bands This Week

By Adam Casalino – April 16, 2018

Spring is in full swing and you’ve yet to leave your apartment! What’s going on, my friend? Don’t you know that there’s a city outside just bursting with life? The Bay Area is dripping with some of the most delectable musical experiences around. This week, we are featuring three downright vintage shows that celebrate the rich heritage of blues, rock, and bluegrass of SF. Take a quick gander that these shows. You won’t be able to pass them up.

Poor Man’s Whiskey
Fri 4/27/18 @ Great American Music Hall, San Francisco
Poor Man’s Whiskey isn’t just what your grandpa took nips of on the ride home from church, it’s the brainchild of duo Josh Brough and Jason Beard. Since their fateful meeting way back in 1993, they’ve been crafting the kind of classic bluegrass music that made Americana. Packed with acoustic banjos, guitars, and mandolins, their work demands you slap your knees in delight. But it doesn’t stop there. They weave psychedelic rock influences like Pink Floyd into the mix. They’ll be appearing at the Great American Music Hall on April 27th.

Ty Segall
Mon 4/30/18 @ The UC Theatre, Berkeley
Ty Segall is a multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter. Over the course of his solo career, he’s produced an impressive nine studio albums. There’s a reason why his work is in such demand. He’s crafting a classic rock n’ roll sound we’ve haven’t seen in years. There’s a soulful groove to his music that will win over even the hardest skeptic. You’ll swear you’re back in those sweaty, awesome days when rock was young and people gave a damn. He’ll be appearing at The UC Theatre on April 30th, alongside Sextile.

Sandy’s/Spooky Mansion
Thu 4/26/18 @ The Rickshaw Stop, San Francisco
Also known as Alexi Glickman, Sandy’s is a truly individual, singer-songwriter project. His latest album combines old-school charm with modern skill. With an open-tuned Strat, he’s produced a dreamy rock that will remind you of long summer nights and dancing by the beach. Appearing on the same night will be Spooky Mansion. This San Francisco band has been lighting up the indie scene for years. Now with their cult following in tow, they are bringing their brand of uncluttered surf rock to the masses. They will be at the Rickshaw Stop on April 26th.

Did you realize San Francisco attracted such eclectic charm? Why waste your time suffering through empty pop music, when you can feast on such dynamic acts? Your neck of the woods is filled with talent that puts the latest idol to shame. Every weekend is a chance to catch one of these bands live and in person. Don’t let another chance slip you by. But you can only book tickets to these awesome shows through your pals at RushTix. Right on!

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Top Photo Credit: Ty Segall