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Your Hookup to Three Hot Bands This Week

By Adam Casalino – March 26, 2018

Oh yeah, Spring is finally here folks. The frost is melting and the sun is out. What better excuse do you have to kick off those slippers, put on something fun, and rock out? The Bay Area is bursting with amazing events for you to partake in. Nothing says San Francisco like live music. And boy is there a lot of it! Here are three tasty treats to get you off the couch and into the groove. After all, your pals at RushTix have your back.

Al Jardine
Sun 4/8/18 @ The Chapel, San Francisco
Al Jardine has been making sweet tunes for generations. This legendary co-founder of the Beach Boys knows how to enthrall a hungry crowd. After so many years making beautiful music, he’s set to put on the very first show of its kind. With music, photos, and video, Al will tell the story of his truly unique journey. He will be joined by his son Matt, who is an accomplished performer in his own right. This is what we call a once-in-a-lifetime event, my friends. Beach boy fans—and fans of classic tunes—will not forget it.

Noise Pop: Marlon Williams
Tue 4/3/18 @ Swedish American Hall, San Francisco
Singer-songwriters are a dime a dozen. But few can match the majesty that is Marlon Williams. His vocals harken back to a simpler time. A time when music was about love, passion, and that special someone. His debut album won him countless fans. Now his sophomore Make Way For Love is winning over critics and legions of newcomers. Now he’s rocking an international tour. Of course, he’s making time for the Bay Area. He’ll be at the Swedish American Hall on April 3rd.

Shin-ichi Fukuda
Sat 4/7/18 @ St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, San Francisco
Few styles of music can entrance a fan like classical guitar. The sweet, stirring, and captivating sound can only be mastered by a great musician. That’s never been more true than with Shin-ichi Fukuda. This premier Japanese guitarist tickle the classical guitar strings like few others. He’s taking the instrument to new places, combining classic styles with contemporary arrangements. Known worldwide for his impressive skills and fantastic shows, he will be appearing in our neck of the woods this Spring. Be sure to check him out at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church on April 7th. 

The San Francisco area is waking up to a hopping Spring. Concerts, festivals, and awesome one-night events are happening all over the place. You don’t want to miss out on all this awesomeness, do you? Why let another weekend slip you by? Get to booking tickets for one of these super-duper shows. Your friends—and your significant other—will thank you. Don’t delay. Tickets to these great events can only be snatched up, right now, through RushTix.

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Top Photo Credit: Marlon Williams