Sounds Good to Me: Electronica, Music Fests, and Underground Hip-Hop

Your Hookup to Three Hot Bands This Week

By Adam Casalino – March 5, 2018

The weekend’s coming up my friend. Are your plans firming up? They aren’t? Don’t you realize you live in one of the most vibrant areas on the planet!? How could you miss out on the amazing music filling the Bay Area? Yes, I know, there’s too much of it to get through. That’s why we’re here, folks. RushTix is bringing you some of the most enjoyable shows the Bay has to offer. So strap in and get ready for three events you’d be crazy to miss.

Fri 3/9/18 @ Halcyon, San Francisco
Technasia isn’t a long-lost experimental Disney film. It’s the stage name of one Charles Siegling. For years, this DJ has been bringing the good word of electronic, dance music. He got his start in the unassuming land of Hong Kong. Back then, few people considered the city as a hub for amazing electronic music. That all changed when Technasia hit the scene. He turned South East Asia into one of the hottest places for cutting edge tunes. Now he tours the world, lighting up clubs, concerts, and venues. He’s going to be at your very own Halcyon, March 9.

Santa Cruz Music Festival
Sat 3/10/18 & Sun 3/11/2018 @ Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium
We know, sometimes one act just isn’t enough. You need more than a quickie to drive those Mid-March blues away. That’s why we’re bringing you the Santa Cruz Music Festival. This two-day fest is chalk full of talent. There’s so much talent, you won’t be able to handle it all! This fest will feature musicians, artists, and societal movers and shakers from Santa Cruz and beyond. Such acts include Mr. Carmack, Ghostface Killah, Smoke DZA, and LOSTBOYS. That’s an impressive lineup to be sure. It’s all happening at the Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium, March 10 & 11.

Andre Nickatina
Sat 3/17/18 @ Cornerstone, Berkeley
San Francisco is not just known for its rock and country music scenes (some of you didn’t even know about that). It is also home to some of the most innovative underground rappers in the U.S.A. That includes long-time hyphy legend, Andre Nickatina. Since the 90s, Andre has been keeping it real with his uncompromising sound. Once known as “Dre Dog,” Andre is breaking new boundaries with his new solo work. His talents have led him to produce nine albums, an amateur film, and numerous collaborations. He’ll be at Cornerstone on March 17th.

We know that staying in every night is just no good. No good for your soul and your butt! The cure is—and always will be—amazing music that gets your blood and hips pumping. With a lineup like this, you’ll have plenty to feast on. So put on your shoes, call up the fam, and get out there. More is to come. Get parked on RushTix for all the latest shows, events, and concerts. And be sure to book some tickets now!

Adam Casalino

Adam Casalino is a freelance writer, cartoonist, and graphic designer. Just a boy from Brooklyn who’s traveled the country with a pen in his hand. He lives to write and only bothers to do anything else when the doctors mandate it.

Top Photo Credit: Raymond Yu