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Your Hookup to Three Hot Bands This Week

By Adam Casalino – April 23, 2018

We know what’s going on. The night is calling to you. After dreadful days punching the clock, putting up with your boss’s bad jokes, and eating dry salads for lunch, you need a break. What better way to cut loose and feel alive again, than with a night packed with incredible music? And good news, everyone! The Bay Area is overflowing with just the kind of shows you’ve been craving. Get ready to shake off the workday blues with these three amazing acts.

Sure Sure
Thu 5/3/18 @ Rickshaw Stop, San Francisco
Sure Sure is just what the doctor ordered for a diet of bland music. Put away those Spotify playlists and get a dose of pure experimental pop. Since 2014, Sure Sure has been wowing fans from Los Angeles to the other ends of the globe. Their infectious sound employs a myriad of instruments, tastes, and style. Their live shows are the stuff of legends, making ever the most stuffy audience break out the moves. What else do you expect from a band that combines the Talking Heads, Tame Impala, and Steely Dan in one delectable package? They’ll be at Rickshaw Stop, May 3rd.

Charlotte Cardin
Tue 5/1/18 @ The Chapel, San Francisco
Take a break from the noise of mainstream music, with a date with Charlotte Cardin’s sound. This songstress burst onto the music scene with her incredible 2016 debut. She’s impressed critics and fans alike with her powerful electro-jazz anthems. From her homeland of Canada, she’s touring the good ol’ 50 states. She and her three-piece band are sure to pack any venue with life-changing experiences. She’ll be at The Chapel on May 1st to blow your mind.

Erika Wennerstrom
Fri 5/4/18 @ The Chapel, San Francisco
Erika Wennerstrom made a name for herself with the rock outfit Heartless Bastards. Hailing from Austin, she captivated audiences with her unique style and vocals. Now she’s venturing on her own, taking the plunge into the solo word. And boy has it paid off. Her warm, gritty, sweet vocals bring a bluesy, rock vibe to everything she sings. Her singer/songwriter work is just as addictive as her work in the band. Fans of Royal Trux and the Rolling Stones will feel right at home. Erika will be lighting up The Chapel on May 4th.

The nights are a’ calling. Why ignore its docile sound? Let the TPS reports go without their cover sheets. Maybe even call in sick! A night of incredible music is worth a frustrated boss. At least for one day. Be sure to catch one of these acts. Bring a friend or a hot date. But you will only be able to get in on the action through your pals at RushTix. Be sure to book now!

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Top Photo Credit: Ty Segall