Sounds Good to Me: Psychedelic, Blues, and Bossa Nova for Bicycle Day

Your Hookup to Three Hot Bands This Week

By Adam Casalino – April 9, 2018

It’s coming, my friends. The 75th Anniversary of Bicycle Day. While your parents are gushing over the return of Roseanne on Facebook, you need to celebrate. San Francisco is calling you. A treasure trove of amazing experiences commemorating Albert Hofmann’s discovery are waiting for you. That includes music that would make the Gods cry in jealousy. But where to begin? Here are three incredible shows that are about to drop in the Bay Area.

Thu 4/19/18 @ The Midway, San Francisco
The brilliant act known as Shpongle is made up of Simon Posford and Raja Ram. They have been producing psychedelic ambient music since 1996. And boy do they know how to bring it. Combining Eastern ethnic samples with Western psychedelic synth, Shpongle is truly something unique. They will be headlining the night at Euphonic Conceptions & Legion of Bloom’s Bicycle Day 75th Celebration. It will include live painting, an art gallery, and amazing performances. It’s all going down on April 19th, at The Midway.

Emily Clark & Friends
Thu 4/19/18 @ Boom Boom Room, San Francisco
Emily Clark is a young, blues-loving singer-songwriter from Seattle. She has made a name for herself thanks to her powerful vocals and memorable songs. A fitting act to lead the Boom Boom Room’s Bicycle Day Getdown. Joining her will be a bevy of impressive performers. Her group will feature legendary talent from the Bay Area and beyond. What better way to commemorate the day a doctor accidentally discovered acid? The excitement will happen on April 19th, at the auspicious Boom Boom Room.

Bebel Gilberto
Thu 4/19/18 @ The UC Theatre, Berkeley
If blues ain’t your thing, then we got something to tickle your eardrums. Bebel Gilberto is known around the world for her magical, wistful, dream-like sound. Inspired by the captivating music of bossa nova, this singer has crafted her own trademark style. Her Brazilian sound is augmented by artists like Debussy and Prince. Since her early days performing in Rio de Janeiro, she has taken her music to New York, Los Angeles, and everywhere in between. She will be performing at the UC Theatre on April 19th.

Bicycle Day comes but once a year. And this 75th Anniversary will only happen once, like, ever. You don’t want to let the day pass without doing something awesome, do you? And the fun doesn’t end there. Every week there are simply unmissable events going on in your beloved Bay Area. What are you doing about that? Tickets to these and more are just a click away when you join your pals at RushTix!

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Top Photo Credit: Jamie Seed