RushTix Roundup: 5 Cool Events This Weekend

It’s labor day weekend. A weekend where we celebrate all the hours our mothers spent in labor with us, screaming and sweating and squirting out gross birth juices. Oh that’s not what it is? Well, whatever we celebrate on labor day weekend, we get an extra day off! So that’s cool! Celebrate your extra day of freedom with one, or all, of these fun, professionally selected events. Here are 5 Cool Events This Weekend.

1. The Connection Party

Here’s a chance for you to make a real connection, with real people, at a real place. Come to the Connection party and enjoy deeper activities like yoga, ecstatic dance (don’t know what that is, but I want to do it), astrology, and the best part is is there’s no alcohol to mar your judgement or good times. Maybe if you stopped swiping left you would find Mr/Mrs Right. Oo, that was good, I’ll use that one again…

2. Millencolin

Dust off your studded leather things, and get your best mosh-ing clothes on (clothes with lots of padding) and head down to Slim’s for Millencolin, the punkest rock you’ll hear all weekend.

3. Tim Meadows

Join the Ladies Man himself as he shares his hilarious observations, stories, and other things that stand up comedians make jokes about, at Cobb’s Comedy Club.

4. Rose Labyrinth Concert Series: Laura Inserra

The listening you do when your friend is telling you for the millionth time about her new app for delivering gluten free muffins to preschools is shallow listening. If you want something worth listening to on a deeper level, join Laura Inserra and her collection of instruments for a night of deep listening your ears will thank you for.

5. Off the Grid Private Cabana Party

San Francisco weather is unpredictable, but we at RushTix know people, weather people, and they have assured us that this Sunday will be a lovely sunshine-y Bay Area day. The best way to celebrate a day like this is at a beautiful picnic location with delicious food, cold drinks, and us, the RushTix team. That’s right, we’ll be there too! Join us at Off the Grid, Picnic at the Presidio and we promise to put the sun AND the fun in your Sunday Fun-day.