Bay Boo-gies: Top 10 SF Halloween Events

It’s almost Halloween 2016! A time when you can be whatever you want to be, from Batman to sexy Ken Bone (no really, it’s a thing). This year Halloween falls on a Monday which means the weekend before is jam-packed with the fun, random Halloween happenings only The Bay can provide. To narrow your many, many choices down, here are the top 10 SF Halloween events.

1. ”Mayhem Mansion” 1886 Historic Haunted House

Nothing says “Halloween” more than a haunted house. Take a tour through “Mayhem Mansion” and learn the history of the real life eccentrics that lived there. For a real horror ask the tour guide how much the rent would be there today, if anything will make you scream, that will.

2. Terror-Rama: Prom Night

Regular prom nights are already scary for some people. Will I get a date? Will I poke my date with a corsage needle? Will the flask I’ve taped to my leg fall out on the dance floor? These terrors aside, watch a real prom gone wrong at Terror-Rama: Prom Night, a night of plays even Carrie would fear.

3. Cobb’s HA HA Halloween Comedy Showcase

If screaming in terror isn’t your bag, maybe screaming in laughter is. If so, Cobb’s Comedy Club has got just the comics to trick you out of being scared and treat you with some laughs. Don’t worry, if you still want be scared there will probably be someone dressed up as a killer clown to freak you out real good.

4. Fear Overload Scream Park

If this presidential season isn’t scary enough for you, we’ve got Fear Overload Scream Park, two whole parks full of legit monsters. And by legit monsters we mean actors who probably spent a lot of money on acting classes who now get to be covered in fake blood and guts for a couple of hours for your amusement.

5. Halloween Square Dance

It’s a Halloween hoedown! If partner dancing is your nightmare, there’s no better way to face your fear than at this event.

6. Halloween at The Midway: Tiga Live

Remember the scene in Hocus Pocus where all the grown-ups get cursed and have to stay at that dance all night long? No? What the heck is wrong with you? Go watch Hocus Pocus now! And then book tickets to this fun Halloween dance party featuring Tiga LIVE, Totally Extinct Enormous Dinosaurs, and more.

7. Silent Film Classic “Nosferatu”

If you’re not feeling a club or party, a good old fashioned scary movie could be just the ticket! At Silent Film Classic “Nosferatu” you’ll enjoy this super creepy film in the beautiful Grace Cathedral. What better place to get scared to death than in a church amirite?

8. Cool Black Ball Halloween Dance Party

If there’s anything cooler than a regular Halloween dance party it’s a themed Halloween dance party. At the Cool Black Ball Halloween Dance Party you can only choose to dress up as something from the 1920s through the 1970s, which I guess is a lot of options, but still. Featuring Top Shelf, and a Bad (bad meaning good) Michael Jackson impersonator.

9. Pam The Funkstress Ultimate $5 Halloween Party

If you wanna get funky this Halloween, get your funking butt down to Slim’s for Pam The Funkstress Ultimate $5 Halloween Party. Dress up, get down, and let The Bruce Wayne Project ft. Ohenry & J’Juan and DJ Roy, Neah Rose funk you up good.

10. Phantasm 2016: Behind the Fun House Door

The Armory is the spookiest, sexiest place you can be this Halloween weekend. Not only do they put on events beyond your wildest dreams AND nightmares, but they are in a real live haunted SF institution. And once you go through the Fun House Door, there’s no un-going through it. Or something.